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Courageous Path Counseling

Dr. Jamie Kuhlman




Experiencing infertility is an emotional rollercoaster of hope, sadness, grief, anger, anxiety, loneliness, etc. It can often be isolating and feel uncomfortable discussing with others, especially as others start their own families. Courageous Path Counseling is here to help clients navigate and find peace no matter where they are on their reproductive journey.

Postpartum Mental Health

While we all hope for an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth, this is not always the case. Complications during pregnancy, difficult and even traumatic birth experiences, pregnancy loss, and postpartum mood disorders can happen to any of us.


Courageous Path Counseling, PLLC works with women experiencing these, and other situations, to help them walk through this difficult time and find the courage and strength within themselves to find peace.

Implications Counseling

When choosing to use an egg or sperm donor or a gestation carrier, it is beneficial, and often required, to meet with a trained counselor to discuss the implications of these decision. I conduct these session with intended parents to help them as they move forward in their process. 

Maternal Mental Health

Being a mother can be a challenging task, whether you are new in the role or quite seasoned. While there are many joys, there are also many unique stressors. Courageous Path Counseling works with women at all stages of motherhood. 

Donor & Gestational Carrier Screenings

When becoming an egg or sperm donor as well as a gestation carrier, it is often required to undergo a psychological evaluation. This typically includes a session to gather relevant history as well as discuss the implications of the decision. Often, potential donors and surrogates are also required to complete a psychological assessment measure. Courageous Path Counseling can conduct all parts of the evaluation and communicate with the agency or clinic. 

Personal Growth

I work collaboratively with clients to discover themselves more deeply, improve their relationship with others, experience a new way of being, and empower them to make the changes they want in their life.

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Jamie Kuhlman


I am a licensed psychologist in the state of Tennessee (#3447) specializing in infertility and maternal mental health. Having gone down the road of infertility myself and experienced the difficulties of becoming a new mother, I am passionate about helping women and men gain peace in their own reproductive journey. 

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